How to Use Live Stream for Reaching More Customers in 2017

Live streaming gives you more touch points and a new way to connect with your customers

Live video has been taking over social media platforms in an unprecedented way. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, beBee, and Snapchat all have a version of live streaming. Millions of users across the world are both creating and consuming video content at an astonishing rate.

Here are three content ideas using live streaming that will help grow your audience and connect you to more potential customers. None of which require you to be a pro speaker, actor, or have any on-camera experience at all to pull-off.

1. Bloggers Beware

Bloggers can live stream as a new way to recap the top points from their most recent post. Going live gives a writer a greater personal connection with their audience since they can see and hear them talk in a way that almost feels face to face.

Tell a related story that hooks the audience and leaves them wanting more.

Make sure to tell them on air where to go to find your blog and also drop a link in the comment section. Remind viewers that they can read the entire article as well as find older posts that you've written by going to the link you provide.

2. Get Your Product Guy a Smartphone

Does your company have a product guy? A person who can effortlessly speak to anyone about your companies products? Give this person a smartphone and have them go live anytime there is a product launch or re-launch.

Let them do the unveiling of the product and tell the story of how the product will solve problems in the marketplace. Of course, it also works for existing products that you want to shine new light on and showcase in a new and highly interactive way.

Drop a link in the comments directing customers to a landing page on your website. Live video creates real-time excitement and interest for your company's product launches.

3. Give a Sneak Preview

Do you have an upcoming speaking engagement, webinar, Twitter chat, or book launch? Give a sneak preview by saying a few words about the value your customers will receive and how they can take the next step to sign up or buy.

The authenticity of a live video is one of the most important aspects of why it's so popular. Viewers of live video appreciate that there is usually not a script and the fact that it is unrehearsed. So, if you mess up, laugh it off and keep going.

If you are not living streaming now, I recommend you go ahead and get started. With videos on networks like Snapchat getting over 300-million views a day, the data strongly suggests that you should be doing it.

What do you think?

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