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Top 5 Free Online Video Editors and Animation Tools for Beginners

If so, I have good news for you: There are several free online video editors that take almost all the work out of video creation.
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Taking the heavy lifting out of motion design, Animaker allows you to adapt existing characters, props, animations, and other elements to fit your needs. Under the free plan, you’ll be able to: Export up to five SD videos per month Make your videos up to two minutes long Polish your videos with background music and sound effects Import your own audio and images


Using Biteable’s intuitive interface, you can customize numerous interesting templates — which feature stock footage and effects — to create a video that looks like it was crafted by skilled editors. Under the free plan, you’ll be able to: Choose from a variety of themes, such as “explainer” or “presentation” Pick your own colors Use your own music — or maybe mine? 😉 Add text Publish to YouTube


Loopster is a scaled down non-linear editor (NLE). If you’ve ever used iMovie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker, this is essentially the same thing — only it’s browser-based. Once you upload your footage and audio, you can easily drag media into the timeline to create an cohesive video. With Loopster’s free plan, you can: Upload up to 1 GB of media to use in your video Collaborate with other people Export up to 10 minute-long videos at 480p resolution


Offering libraries of templates, animations, graphics, and other elements, Moovly allows you to assemble custom video presentations. Want to recreate the popular doodle marker style common in whiteboard videos and explainers — where a hand draws text and object animations? You can with Moovly! In fact, under the free plan, you can: Create an unlimited number of videos Upload images and audio (but not video) Build your video using a collection of graphics and animations Export up to 10 minute-long videos at 480p resolution


Renderforest might be the most versatile service on this list, providing tools that help you create everything from short logo intro animations to complete animated business videos (and beyond). Its free plan is rather generous, too. After all, you can: Choose from an array of templates Upload images and audio Edit text without limitation Tweak colors to match your branding Publish to Facebook or YouTube

In fact, many of these editing programs supply pre-made animations and stock footage. So you can produce an entire video without ever picking up a camera!

And since these services run in the cloud, you don’t have to download or install anything beyond a web browser.

Disclaimer: For most of the websites on this list, “free” means “we’ll watermark your videos and limit your downloads to lower resolutions to encourage you to upgrade plans.”

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